Vision: To create jobs opportunities and build passive income together

Mission: Together we build passive income pipelines from agroforestry-integrated coffee farming to eco-agro-tourism development

About us: The Chin Hills Coffee association was formed on 12 December 2016 by 18 persons who interested in Coffee trading, cultivation and production in Chin State of Myanmar.

The Chin Hills Coffee has three pilot implementation regions 1st Valvum village in Tiddim Township, Northern Chin, 2nd Mindat, Southern Chin and 3rd Tetkea Taung village, Sedoktara township, Magwe region. The cluster groups are formed respectively.

Strategy: To implement our mission is to create a model farm for other farmers to see and copy which use Agroforestry-Integrated farming design and system. We started nursery farms in Valvum village since 2016. By 2018 onward the model farms will start in Valvum village. The model farm will be the based landscape for the eco-agro-tourism destination as well.

Tactic: To grow the best coffee variety organically, produce final goods nurture quality to market specific consumers.

Mission statement

Coffee cultivation and production will build and sustain passive income to the farmers’ families, the consequence tourism development will support the communities and the big trees in the coffee farms will balance the climate change effects in the regions.

On the other hand, the Chin Hills Coffee movement will solve the economic, social and environmental challenges in the communities by enhancing communication among the Chin communities, sharing knowledge & skills and strengthening the collaboration.