SAVORY Social Enterprise

Past Activities

Since November, 2018 – Built the SAVORY Foods Factory in Khaikam Town by the SAVORY Social Enterprise, SAVORY Coffee Wine, SAVORY Grape Wine and SAVORY Chin Hills Coffee brands are produced and marketed.

Since October, 2018 – Started Travel and Tour services to the farms and region by SAVORY TRAVEL & TOUR, agreed that the 10% of the total profit will go directly to the Heisa FM the community radio project.

Since March 2018 - Finding and testing for Model farm water supply system, fundraise and implement water pipeline system.

Since January 2018 - Attend coffee related value-added products such as coffee wine, coffee scrub, coffee candy, coffee oil, coffee soap etc. workshops and training organized by the government and other organizations.

Since November 2017 – Started community radio project with 20 other local organizations in Tiddim and Tonzang township area which was supported by IMS – International Media Support and FOJO. Heisa FM, in Thuklai, Siyin valley and Phualva FM radio stations were started in Tiddim Township, Chin State.

February, July, and December 2017 - Organized and sent coffee farmers from around Myanmar to attend Coffee Training organized by Myanmar Government and the World Canaan Farmers' movement of Korea at MCFTC - Myanmar Canaan Famers' Training Center, Doekwin, Pyin Oo Lwin, Mandalay region.

Since March 2017 - Exchange visit for Coffee farms, factories and production are organized to exchange knowledge and skills among the coffee farmers and producers.

Since January 2017 – Coffee related training, support, and consultation services are offered around Myanmar.

Since December 2016 – SAVORY Social Enterprise bought coffee cherries and green bean from Chin Hills with good price and fair trade. They produce and marketing as SAVORY Chin Hills Coffee to the markets.

Since December 2016 – Collect coffee related machines and tools. Now we have most of the required machines to start a commercial factory.

December 2016 - Nursery Farm was started to support coffee farmers with well-known coffee varieties. Targeted to produce 1000000 coffee plants to Chin Hills Coffee members.

December 2016 – Organized and attended a tentative 5-days long Post-Harvest Coffee Training at the Genius Coffee Estate and the research visit to the existing coffee farms and factories in Ywangan, Shan state.  

Since September 2016 – Research on 1. Coffee-based production such as Coffee Enemas, Coffee Wine, 2. Contract Farming model, 3. CBT development, 4. Tissue culture-based Orchid farming, 5. To produce cost-effective portable coffee roaster.

August 2016 - Organized participatory research workshop in Kale town as a follow-on experiment organized research trips and workshop with the coffee farmers on coffee cultivation in Chin state. Data collected about the challenges, area of cultivation, varieties, yield, methods of production, market strength, the price etc.    

Since July 2016 – Chin Hills Coffee Facebook group is created and update specifically for Coffee related information sharing, comment, and discussion.