SAVORY Social Enterprise

We got support for building the farm water supply system and now the water from first water resource reach to the farm, there are two more water resources which are needed to combine into the existing pipelines. Therefore, we need your support to get more farm-water to use it for our model farms (22 acres by 2018) areas in Valvum village. We got three spring water resources on the Kennedy mountain ranges at 6500 feet above sea level. The distance from water resources to our model farms is 6.5 KM at ASL 5000 feet with gravity flow possible. The estimated budget required is 10000000 MMK (6300 USD). This water system will be the only source to maintain and support the model farms for the coming summer. We also have integrated seasoning vegetable crop system to earn income for the farmers before the first coffee harvest.

Details requirement calculation is available separately in Burmese.