We the lovers of Coffee from Chin Hills organized community-based participatory research training in Kalay town in August 2016. From there we start practising our skills on participatory studies. We choose Coffee cultivation because people from Chin state have experiences of drinking local coffee and experienced agriculture and domestic animal husbandry. In our research, we use active data and passive data. We use the internet for communication and search data, telephone to get in touch with local farmers, experts, official and coffee consumers. We have visited some villages in Chin state and coffee mills and farms in Ywa Ngan, Shan state. We got training from Genius Coffee, FoSTA and government's Coffee promotion department from May Myo. However, our research will not be completed due to time shortage, self-funding lack of experiences. Most of the active data we got from Northern Chin state, especially from Tedim and Townzang township and Chin communities from Kalay town, Sagaing region.